Ty Le

I am Ty Le, user experience developer.
I design and build things for people.

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Brands I’ve worked with

Portfolio: RiTe Business Operating System

iOS UI/UX Development + Design

This suite of apps provide tools for small business owners to run their businesses more effectively. I worked on the usability and UI design of each app, improving the flow and creating a better experience for users.

RiTeBOS Clients

Portfolio: Elderly Health & Fall Detection App

iOS UI/UX Design + Development

I worked with Singapore Technologies on an app that interfaces with an open-source smart wristband. The app monitors the health of the elderly and can detect falls, notifying loved ones of the emergency state. Beyond this, the movement data and patterns collected could allow the app to prevent falls by detecting them before they happen.

My role included designing the UX and UI from scratch and developing the front end.

Portfolio: Amazon Kindle Special Offers

HTML5 + CSS3 + JS / Responsive Web

I worked on landing pages for a number of brands for Amazon Kindle's special offers. The biggest learning experience came from a need to have responsive code so that the pages could support all three Kindle screen resolutions and both orientations.

{ More portfolio pieces coming soon! }